Straight skirt

Straight skirts come in handy when  you have a limited budget or a small amount of fabric to work with. As a bonus, making a stright skirt is super easy and super fast! A straight skirt lengthens you visually to create a slender overall figure, and the splits allow for moving around and showing off a bit of leg.


  • 1 m/1 yard of stretch fabric (lycra, burnout velvet, stretch velvet, panne velvet, tricot) Buy as much fabric as you need to cover your legs from hipbone to the floor plus a couple of cm/inches for seam allowances
  • matching thread
  • elastic for the waistband (it will sit below your natural waist, make sure the elastic sits comfortable around your hips )

1. Measurements: take your hip measurements at the widest point of your hips. This is Measurement A. Measure from where the waistband will sit to the where you want the skirt to finish. Add 5 cm/2 inch for measurement B

rechterok012 Patter: draft two squares as shown above. The big piece is the back pattern piece, the small piece is the front pattern piece.

3. Cut both pieces out of fabric. If your fabric has a pile, like velvet, burned out velvet or velours,  make sure that the pile of the fabric is running from down to up.When you stroke your hand over the fabric, it should feel smoth when you stroke your hands from your knees to your hips, and feel a bit rough when you stroke from your hips down to your knees.

When the pile of the fabric is running from down to up, the fabric will look lushious when you wear the skirt. Sew the two parts together on the top 20-30 cm/ 8-12 inch. Leave the rest open to create two splits. If you want a straight skirt with just one split, it’s as easy as drawing a rectangle that measures A x B and adding a side seam. Fold the upper 4 cm/ 1 3/5″ of the fabric towards the inside to create a tunnel. Stitch along the edge at a distance of 3.5 cm / 1 2/5″ to creat a tunnel, but leave a small gap. Use a big safety pin to thread the elastic through the tunnel, sew the edges together and close the tunnel.rechterok02That’s basically it: congratulations, you’ve just made a astraight skirt! On to the fun part: decorate the edges with sequins and beads for a more glamourous look, or create matching fingerless gloves. This is me, wearing my first straight skirt and beaded bra/belt in 2005.

Kyria wears a straight skirt with her bellydance costume
Kyria wears a straight skirt with her bellydance costume

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