Petal skirt

This is a new take on the well known petal skirt. The added upper part emphasizes hip moves while the petals in the bloembladrok03
lower part provide extra movement.

You will need:
50 x 150 cm/ 10 x 60 inches burned out velvet (or some other stretch fabric)
app. 1 meter /60 inches of stretchy, semi transparent fabric
matching threadbloembladrok02
0,5 cm wide elastic

1. You need the following measurements for this skirt:
A = hips at the broadest point
B = length of skirt, measured from waistband to desired length

2. Take the burned out velvet and cut a rectangular. The long side as wide as your hips plus a couple of centimeter.
The narrow part is app. 50 cm (20 inches). Stitch sides together to form a tube. Fold the top of the fabric towards the
inside to create a tunnel for elastic. Close tunnel by stitching 1 cm from the edge. Leave a couple of centimeter/inches
open. Thread elastic through the tunnel, tie or stitch the ends together and close the tunnel.
3. Gather the opaque part of the skirt by sewing elastic along the vertical seam. Put the skirt on your sewing machine
and attach the end of the elastic to the fabric. Slightly pull the elastic while you stitch the rest on to the seam.

4. Cut petals out of the semi-transparant fabric. An example of the petal shape is on the left. Each petal is app. 15 cm
/6 inches broad at the top. Make them as long as you need for your length: the petal should be B minus 50 cm. long.
Cut as many as you need, then stitch them to the lower edge of the skirt.


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