Headband with silk flowers

No matter what (belly) dance style you prefer, every dancer needs a pretty headband! I haarband01
created this headband to match a melaya dress, but you can use it to jazz up all kinds of
costumes. First of all I’d like to mention that using a hot glue gun is probably faster if you
want to create this headband. However, if you sew a headband cover, you can transfer the
flowers to a new headband if it breaks down. Another big plus is that you can easily sew
silk flowers to a headband while you’re commuting with public transportation, I haven’t managed wielding a
glue gun in public transportation yet.

You will need:
–       cheap plastic headband
–       scrap of fabric
–       silk flowers haarband02
–       thread
–       pattern paper
–       pencil/pen

First, create a pattern for your headband by wrapping it in pattern paper and marking the
edges with a pen or pencil. Cut along the edges and use as a template.
Cut two pieces of fabric with the template and stitch them together along the red lines, as
shown in the picture. Turn inside out and slide over headband. Close the hole on the side
by hand.
Sew silk flowers to the fabric on the outside, scattering them for full coverage. Add
rhinestones/gems or sequins as desired. haarband03 haarband04 haarband05 haarband06


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