Make your belly dance outfit extra fabulous with matching gloves or armbands! This pattern requires basic skills in pattern drafting: if you can draw a straight line and draw a circle, you can draft this pattern. Use a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch on a sewing machine for aglove 01ssembling.


Gloves and armbands can usually be made from scraps of left over fabric. A pair of gloves from upper arm to lower arm requires app. 0, 5 m/1,5 yards of fabric. Use fabric that has a slight stretch to if for a comfortable fit, lice velours de panne, lycra, stretch velvet of tricot.





Sewing machine

Special stretch fabric needle for your machine

0,5 cm/ 1/5” wide elastic for the upper edge



Take the measurements along the outside of a bended arm

A= From middle finger to wristg;ove 02

B= from wrist to elbow

C= from elbow to upper edge of glove

D= ½ circumfence wrist

E= ½ circumfence elbow

F= ½ circumfence upper arm


Draw the pattern for the length of glove that you want to make. For armbands on the upper arms, cut a square piece of fabric, as wide as your upper arm and app 10 cm/ 4” wide.



Put the pattern pieces on the fabric: the dotted line is the grain of the fabric. You’ll want most of the stretch to be directed to the sides: make sure your pattern piece is parallel to the machine finished side of the fabric to accomplish this. Fold the fabric and put the dotted line along the fabric fold. Cut WITHOUT SEAM ALLOWANCE.



Use a 1 cm/ 2/5” seam allowance. Always use the correct needle in your machine for the best result. I use a straight stitch on side seams and a wide zig zag for the upper and lower edge.

  1.  Double the fabric and stitch the side seam.DSC_0039
  2. Fold the upper edge over for app. 1 cm/ 2/5” and make a small casing for elastic. Leave a small gap. Use a safetypin to thread the elastic through the casing, tie or sew the ends of elastic together and close the gap.
  3. Fold the lower edge to the inside (roughly 05, cm/ 1/5”) and zigzag into place. Add a loop from elastic for the middle finger if needed.
  4. For gloves and armbands without a middle finger loop, just fold inward and stitch.
  5. Decorate with beads and sequins as you see fit.

Example of long gloves:






















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