Easy belt

easybelthis is an easy way to create a basic belly dance belt. It requires no sewing or pattern drafting skills and can be done by hand. This belt can be made in all sizes and takes about 2 hours to finish, depending on the amount of decoration.


  • Sturdy fabric, like denim or unbleached cotton. App. 10-20 cm width/4”-8” width, long enough to wrap around your hips, with app. 10 cm/4” overlap.
  • Pretty piece of wide trim to cover your belt (same amount as the base fabric)
  • Matching thread
  • Decorations (up to you!)
  • Velcro 5 cm/2”

Pattern & cutting

Your belt is basically the strip of fabric fold double and with an added seam in the middle. You don’t need to draft a pattern for this one!

Sewingeasybelt 2.jpg

  1. Determine the width of your trim. Prepare your base fabric by folding the raw edges under and make sure that the base fabric is the same width as your trim. For example, if your fabric is 10 cm/4” wide, and your trim is 5 cm/2”. Fold 2,5 cm/1” of the fabric edge away. Stitch the edges of the raw fabric in place.
  2.  Put the decorative trim on top of the base fabric. Make sure that the raw edges of the fabric are covered by the decorative trim and stitch into place. You have one long piece of fabric with your base fabric on the inside and trim on the outside.
  3. Double the belt with the decorative sides facing each other. Stitch a straight seam on a 45 degree angle, starting from the fold. You can choose to keep the seam this way, or trim away excess fabric and finish the edges with a zig-zag stitch.
  4. Open the belt, wrap around your hips and mark where you want the Velcro to be. Add Velcro to the ends of the belt.

Optional steps

  1. Add lining by hand stitching a piece of felt to the inside of the belt.
  2. Add beaded fringe to the bottom, pre-beaded or bead it yourself. Another option is adding coins or making drapes from pieces of chain. Chainette fringe can be bought per meter/yard and added by hand or machine for extra movement.
  3.  Change the style of your belt by choosing different base materials: a woven fabric with cowry shells and kuchi coins becomes a tribal belt, while gold trim with acrylic gemstones, rhinestone trim and bugle bead fringe is more cabaret style.
  4. If you use beaded trim to cover the belt base, remove the beading around the seam in the middle before stitching the middle seam.

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