Dance totebag

Show how much you like belly dance and decorate your dance bag! It will be easier to spot, not to mention
way cooler then a plain bag.
You will need:
– basic cotton tote bag (craftshop)
– image of a dancer
– fabric markers
– fabric paint ( I used 3d metallic for the costume)

1. Take your picture and enlarge it to the right side, either with a copy machine or with the help of a
computer. Put a bit of cardboard of old newspapers in the bag to prevent the fabric leaking to the other side.


2. Trace the edges of the design with a (black) fabric marker, then fill in the details. Take a step back to see
if it works, add when necessary. Add colour to your drawing like skin tone, hair and costume. Let the paint
set. Check the instructions on your marker to determine whether you need to iron it to make it waterproof.


3. When dry, add glitter elements with metallic paint or add sequins and beads. Add text, the address of
your website or your name to finish it off.tas01klein


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