Attaching coins

heavy duty threadmuntenaanzetten02

Normal sewing thread is easy to break by a jingling coin. Use sturdy thread if you want the coins to stay

1. Pull thread through fabric and secure by stitching back and forth a few times, or secure it with a
double knot. Put a coin on the thread and stitch back into the fabric so you have a coin dangling on one

2. Stitch back into the fabric and repeat, attaching the coin to the fabric by two threads. Make sure that the
coin is half an inch/ app. 1 cm. from the edge. Wrap the end of the thread around the two threads that
connect the coin to the fabric. Pull the thread so it tightens around the threads. Stitch back into the fabricthmbsewingcoins01
and secure with a knot or by stitching back and forth.

Extra tips:
If your using stretch fabric, give the thread extra room in between coins. Otherwise the thread might
break in between coins causing them to fall of faster. It’s important that you knot the thread in between
every coin to make sure that this won’t happen.


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