Minty fresh costume in action

I started blogging about the Minty Fresh costume in January 2014. An updated drawing of the design was added in April 2015. I sort of finished the costume and wore it for a performance in August 2015 when I was halfway through my pregnancy and it has been quiet ever since. But that doesn’t mean nothing happened!

This year I am really big on drum solo’s, probably because I’m working on a lot of dance technique things and drum solo’s are great for using and practising isolations. The end of the year recital from Roos Belinfante came up and I wanted to wear something nice and summery. Then I remembered the minty fresh costume, that luckily has elastic side straps on the bra and an elastic waist band. It saves a lot of time as it needs less adjusting.

In the Original design, I planned on adding beading all around the skirt. Well, that didn’t happen. I’m adding it to my to-do list for this summer, it would be nice to completely finish this costume before moving on to the next project. For extra movement I added beaded swags by buying two long necklaces and pinning them to the skirt. Yes, it is that easy.

Look at my swagger!

 The drum solo went over well I think. It’s a an improvisation based on a choreography so some things are planned and some things are not. Overall I liked how relaxed the afternoon was and I immensly enjoyed all the performances by both students and my dance friends. Here’s the video of the drum solo so you can see the costume in action. Have a great summer and see you soon!

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Drum solo improvisation

I don’t post much video’s of me dancing because like most dancers, I have an inner critic that is pointing out all my flaws and faults when I watch my own performance on tape. However, bellydance is also a performance art and a bit of show and tell would be good for me. After all, I am proud of the training that I put in, the creativity it takes to come up with a choreography or improvisation and the guts to not only perform in public but post it online.

I videotaped this performance last year when I was 39 weeks pregnant. It’s a typical case of thinking before hand that I’d videotape my performances throughout the pregnancy, realizing in week 39 that I was a bit too late for that, and spending an afternoon at the studio to create this video and take a couple of nice pictures.

And now I am glad that I have this beautiful video and pictures of me and my pregnant belly having fun together 🙂