Turkish vest part II

This is the finished turkish vest. I put my gold bra underneath, but I want to make a gold coin bra to go with this costume, together with a gold coin belt.

and I finally cut the pieces for the pink harempants that I want underneath the purple brocade panel skirt. The beaded border will be on the bottom of the legs:


Turkish vest part I

I’m halfway through this project. It really isn’t that much work, but it’s important that it fits well, so it’s taking longer then expected.

I made a mock-up out of cotton, it has a couple of issues I need to fix. The arm holes are to small, there’s so much fabric sticking out around the arms. I’m taking the side seam in to fix it.

The outer fabric will be purple/gold brocade, the shoulder seams are still pinned because I want to add lining befor I close it up. lining is black satin that was lying around, I’m unable to go to the fabric market saturday so it’ll have to do.