Sewing bias tape to the edge of a veil

It’s recital time in my neck of the woods, otherwise known as ‘validating that I really need this many belly dance costume items by letting my students wear them’. It’s also an excellent opportunity to buy or make something new. 

This year my students got the colorscheme ‘blue and purple’. I dug up all my blue and purple items and started fixing things.

First up was a blue and purple changeant organza veil with bias tape edging. It is lovely but one pf the edges started to fray and the bias tape started to come off. An excellent opportunity to write about using bias tape to finish the edge of a veil.

Adding biastape is only useful if the veil itself is not weighed down too much by the edging. For example, a delicate silk veil woul become harder to handle with cotton or satin biastape along the edge. For organza, it really helps to get a better grip on the veil and to prevent ugly hems. Rolled hems on organza often look a bit rough. 

For edging the veil, use a zig zag stitch all around the veil to capture the fraying threads along the edge.

Take the bias tape (this is satin bias tape) and carefully fold and pin it along the edge. This might take a while. 

Sew along the edge of the bias tape, capturing the edge of the veil between the tape. Go slowly and make sure you’re sewing through both sides of the tape. Check for missed spots and fix them by sewing over the biastape again, slightly closer to the edge and this time surely capturing both sides of the tape.

There you go, one neatly edged veil, ready to go!