Snow queen: the finished costume

Our theatre show in April was absolutely amazing! A lot of love went into creating the performances and it was great to be part of this. We even had our favorite photographer Leoniek who took beautiful pictures of the show.

And then I forgot to write the final blog post to show you what the Snow Queen costume looked like all put together! The past months were a bit busy with me finding my dream job. It took a while to find my way in my new job but it is getting easier. I feel like blogging again. So here we go!

All pictures were taken by Leoniek van der Vliet 🙂




Snow queen part 2: The skirt

The first part that I made for this costume was a crown. But there will be a skirt, bra and belt to go with it as well 🙂 For this costume I am cutting as many corners as I possibly can in order to get it done in time. On with the skirt.

I was going for a sleek look so a circle skirt was out of the question. I found this silver lurex fabric that is perfect. Affordable, slightly stretchy and it is finished on the inside so it won’t scratch my skin. Do not underestimate that danger of scratchy fabric. Nothing as annoying as sporting a red rash for two weeks after wearing a costume for fifteen minutes. This is our dog modelling the fabric for me.

For the sleek look I contemplated making a fitted mermaid skirt, or a straight skirt with a fishtail train. That would look so pretty! But I seemed to have misplaced my trusted pattern folder with already drafted patterns. Drafting a pattern seemed like too much effort right now. So I free cut a half circle skirt. By folding the fabric over and over again, then cutting the end off and a part from the top.

Super fast, super easy and the edge is super straight as well. Only do this if you have enough fabric to fix it in case things go pearshaped.

As the fabric doesn’t fray, I am not finishing the edges. Ideally I’d do that with a lockmachine but I don’t own one. Stitching with a regular sewing machine might cause the edge to curl. Initially I thought I could get away with not adding a waistband to the skirt. Instead of a waistband I would sew the skirt to a pair of briefs and that was that. This is what the skirt looks like with a couple of snowflakes on top of it.

But I soon realized that the weight of the skirt and the decorations would pull the waistband down. So….

Two options:

  1. Add a waistband so the skirt could be decorated
  2. Make a seperate belt that will carry the weight of the decorations and leave the skirt as it is

I’m going for number two: there will be a belt. More about that in the next post!

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