Snow queen: the finished costume

Our theatre show in April was absolutely amazing! A lot of love went into creating the performances and it was great to be part of this. We even had our favorite photographer Leoniek who took beautiful pictures of the show.

And then I forgot to write the final blog post to show you what the Snow Queen costume looked like all put together! The past months were a bit busy with me finding my dream job. It took a while to find my way in my new job but it is getting easier. I feel like blogging again. So here we go!

All pictures were taken by Leoniek van der Vliet 🙂




Snow queen part 1: the crown

At the end of March is a belly dance theater show that follows a storyline of fearies looking for pieces of gold in a magical world. And I get to be the snow queen! No better way to get back into costuming by going all over the top on this one 😉

When I started out searching for inspiration on the internet, I soon found out not to use the word ‘ice queen. Two reasons: the first is that in belly dance land, the song titled ‘ice queen’ has been used so many times that there are many expectations to be met. The second reason is, that since the movie Frozen came out there has been a lot of cosplay for Elsa. I adore the aestethic for Elsa and she has a lovely costume, but that’s not what I am going for.

It did take me down the rabbit hole and I saw some amazing Elsa costumes being made. But there’s no way that I have 80+ hours to spend on this costume, so there will be no hand encrusted snowflake patterned cape for me.

Thus the working title for this costume will be ‘snow queen’. The difference in search reult hits is obvious: Snow queen costumes are mainly white, ice queen costumes are often blueish. Snow queen costumes involve white fluffy fur, ice queen costumes are more about sleek, shiny fabrics.

As I am working with a deadline and have a very limited amount of time, this costume has to be quick and easy. Okay, decorating might take some time, but the costume should at least be wearable when it isn’t bedazzled with hundreds of thousands of crystals (yet). Crystals could also be added at a later time.

One way or another, a queen needs a crown! And as faith has it, there are many tutorials online about using hotglue for making an ice crown. They all promised that it would be really fast and easy to make one. It took some effort to get over my dedain for the hot glue gun. As a costume maker, I have seen irrevertible damage being done by glue. But I got in there and glue gunned like my life depended on it. This is the tutorial I used:


Slight changes:

  1. I used non-stick paper laid flat on my cutting mat. If you use a bowl as a base, I would recommend wrapping it in paper. It eliminates the step where you have to cut the glue from the bowl.
  2. I made a curve at the base as I wanted the crown to go outward instead of straight up. I used the raster on my cutting mat to create a symmetric curved line to start from.

It really was easy and fun! Took me an hour or so to create the crown. I hot glued it onto an old wire headband that I had lying around. One of the most daunting tasks was adding the glitter without covering everythign in my vicinity in glitter. Next time I would get modpodge and a brush, mix glitter into the glue and paint it on. For now I sprinkled it all over the hot glue. there were many tragic spills.

To decorate it further I added snowflake decorations and extra AB Crystals to the crown. I got these on Aliexpress and they also shed glitter like crazy.

Lucky for me, the non stick paper did a great job in getting spilled glitter back into it’s container. Once cooled, I tried the crown and found that the weight on the front made the crown easy to fall forward. To prevent this, I added extra hot glue to the back of the crown to balance out the weight, and I added a piece of chain to secure it in my hair with clips.

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