sewing project – purple melaya dress

We bought the fabric on the market last weekend and found an amazing glitterdot fabric with holographic sequins. I really detest the stuff, but it looks amazing on stage so we went with it anyway. At 2 euro’s a meter mistakes are affordable.

We went with burgundy red and purple velours as base colors, with gold sequins as accents. The fabrics:
I took a basic dress pattern, readjusted to kneelength and made a basic dres out . Despite stretchy fabric I added a zipper so we could easily change between performances. I like the shape of the dress, but the sequin fabric doesn’t drape well for volants. It’s a killer on stage and when moving though, so that’s good. I tried adding a ruffle along the neckline but ended up with the farao-collar look and removed it again. I’m taking it with me to practice tomorrow to show the others and let my partner try it for size. How about adding a pattern by glueing sequins on the dress to brighten up the purple?