Muwashahat girls: a quick update

The dress rehearsal on Thursday as great, it’s looking great! Here are two pictures taken earlier this week. Keep in mind that the jackets have flowing half-circle sleeves and we are holding chiffon handkerchiefs in the finished version. This is Roos, showing her jacket and the pants + skirt:

And this is Shaia, trying to find eough fabric to make the last pairs of chiffon sleeves. This is what my livingroom looked like on Wednesday, I’m grateful to the person who invented the vacuum cleaner.

Costuming marathon: Muwashahat

A couple of my friends and I took a workshop Muwashahat with Farida Fahmy last year. Roos Belinfante is having her annual student show on May 15th and we wanted to do a new group choreography, since practicing for the RonDom Buikdans show worked really well

In the past five weeks, we’ve made the choregraphy and learned the steps. We still need to refine and adjust stff to ge better synchronisation, but it is looking good! Second project was our costumes: this is the first time that we are making matching troupe costumes. 6 people, different body shapes and various color preferences. We took a long, hard look at the video material from Farida Fhamy and decided that we wanted jackets, chiffon skirts/sleeves/handkerchiefs and matching pants. Here is a snapshot of Farida:

April 23th: Roos, Hadyr and I met up at the fabric market in Utrecht. After searching for two hours, we choose our fabric:

1. chiffon in blue/turquoise print with roses
2.matching satin in the same print
3.Dark blue nicky velours for the jackets
Here are some snapshots of the fabric:

May 1th: First sewing marathon
Hadyr and Isandria come over to my place (we solemnly decided to make my house Costume Head Quarters). We work for five hours andmake the pattern for the pants, pattern for the skirt and we pin/cut/sew two pairs of pants and three skirts. I’m appointed team manager, delegatingand coordinatng cosutming taksks between the sewing team (me and Isandria) and the pining/cutting team (Hadyr/Isandria)
May 4th: second sewing marathon
Roos and her daughter come over. We cut the remaining fabric, add waistbands to the skirts and make two pairs of pants and manage to cut all of the skirts. This took another five hours. We learn that we don’t have enough fabric to make the last two pairs of pants, and Ros and I decide to go to the fabric market that Saturday for the remaining satin + extra fabric for the jackets. The jacket are made by Kandila, a friend of Roos. We are all very happy that she agreed to do this for us: we are of course paying her fher work.
May 7th: second visit to the fabric market
The man who sold us the fabric tells us that he is all sold out. Argh! We find another fabric in similar colors but a different pattern for the pants but are bummed that we couldn’t get the original fabric. Buying the additional fabric for the jackets is easy.
May 11th: Third sewing marathon
It’s busy at Costuming HQ: Shaia, Roos and Gunesh arrive around 11.00. Gunesh brought her sewing machine, as we will need to do a lot of hemming today. We hem and finish our own pants/skirts and we all mark our own skirts/pants by sewing a scrap of fabric to the inside. Roos a leftover from the pink lycra costume from 2010, Gunesh a scrap from the green velvet costume 2011, and Shaia a piece of fabric from the pink/wite polkadot dress from 2009. We manage to cut six sets of sleeves from chiffon scraps. This sewing marathon lasts seven hours.
What we need to do to finish the costumes before our performance on May 15th:
Thursday 12th: dress rehearsal, we all have our jackets by then. Everyone will receive a pair of chiffon sleeves, to be added at home
Saturday14th: go to fabric market and buy matching chiffon for the handkerchiefs. Cut out 12 handkerchiefs
unday 15th, 12.00: arrive in Bussum or the show, on time for the run-trough of the show. Hadyr ad I will perform our Turkish duet, and the troupe will perform the Muwashahat.
Will we finish our costumes in time? Will the man at the fabric market have matching chiffon or do we have to make do without? And how about the jackets, will they be ready tomorrow? Stay tuned for the next episode of Costuming marathon: Muwashahat!