Pink Turkish costume part 3: Covering the belt with fashion fabric

Covering the belt base seemed like an impossible task. With all the cut-outs, curls and corners, I was not looking forward to the process. Today I’ll show you how I covered the swirly part of the design.

Start out by putting all your pattern pieces on the wrong side if your fashion fabric. Cut with a generous amount of seam allowance.

I took the swirly pieces and stitched straight through the middle of the design, following all the curves. This is the easiest way to keep your fabric from sliding around when you’re pulling on the edges. Glue might work too, but I hate glue with a passion Seamstresses don’t glue stuff together if you can stitch it together!

With the swirls, I started by opening up the biggest triangular shaped holes. Take a pair of scissors and poke a hole in the middle. then carefully cut a t shape by cutting straight towards all three corners and fold the pieces of fabric to the back. Baste ( I used a machine, but you could also do this by hand)

Do the same thing with the smaller, circular holes, but make an eight pointed star. Pin thoroughly and make sure you pull the fabric tght enough to cover the edge completely.

Once you’ve done all the holes, it looks like this:

Time to finish the outline! Reduce the seam allowance to about half an inch and cut incisions ever 2 inch. Fold fabric and baste.

And if you turn it around, it looks like this:

Covering the complete belt took me 3 hours, but it is very satisfying to see how the project is advancing. Tomorrow I’ll post a picture of the whole belt covered in fashion fabric, and the first rhinestones will make an appearance 🙂