Silver costume 2004

The first time that I made a silver costume and probably the last. My line of reasoning went something like:’I have a gold costume and I wear it all the time, a silver costume would be just as useful’. That was before I noticed how silver washes me out. I constructed the bra and belt from the leftovers of deconstructing a cheap Egyptian bra and belt set. I made a new bra and belt base and found applique’s with pink and purple acrylic jewels. I incorporated them in the beadwork.

The skirt was a lucky find on bhuz. I ended up wearing this costume a couple of times before selling it to someone in the UK.

Silver bra and belt 2004
Silver bra and belt 2004

2 thoughts on “Silver costume 2004

  1. This was mine for a while – I am that UK dancer 😀. I loved it – beautifully made and so pretty. I wore it loads with lots of different skirts. Eventually I sold it to an American dancer as I put on weight and the bra became indecent on me! I was sad to see it go as it was such a favourite, and I still have a picture of me wearing it on
    my website… x


    1. Hi Caasi, I am so glad that you enjoyed dancing in this costume! I have also put on weight since then and wouldn’t fit into the bra anymore. With my new costumes I use cups that are at least one size bigger, just in case 😄


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