Red mirror and coin costume (2005)

redcoinssiteI am not sure exactly when I decided to buy one of the Middle-East mirror and bras sets but it must be in 2005. Buying overseas was very unusual at the time and I took a huge risk by buying something this expensive. When the set arrived, I happily danced around the hous.

The set is mounted on a red raw silk base, bought at the fabric market in Utrecht. I made the tiered skirt and hand washed it a couple of times to soften the fabric. It has a nice weight to it, though it isn’t big enough to do skirt work with both hands.

At the time I just got my digital camera and I started taking pictures of my costume projects. I didn’t take much pictures of this project as I had very little space and just went ahead and made it. This costume is one of my favorites. It is featured on the front page of my Dutch costuming book (2007) and I had a fun Rompi Rompi performance in my repetoire that worked well. This costume always makes people want to touch the mirrors to see how it is constructed.


The bra has shoulderstraps that cross in the back, making it extremely comfortable. I remade the bra in 2007 because the original bra in 2005 was an A cup. I learned the hard way that it is good to create a costume with a bit of extra room for growth.


The belt is mounted on a denim base, covered in raw silk. I added metal wire to the top of the bra, to keep the upper edge straight. The weight of the metal was weighing down the belt in the places where it was connected. It closes with a hook and eye closure to the side.


Sara Skinner sells the coin and mirror set on het website and has a blog on how she converted her own set here.


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