Purple practice costume (2000)

This is the first costume I ever made. I started taking bellydance classes in 1999 and I also attended LARP events. When the occassion arose of doing a bellydance pP7020165erformance, me and a fellow student decided to go for it.

I chose the colors based on the one and only hipscarf that I owned: a lilac scarf with big and small coins. Little did I know about the woes of sewing satin. I still have the purple circle skirtand I use it in my student recitals. I also still own the hipscarf, most of the big coins have fallen off but it is still going strong. You can’t beat the good old Egyptian quality!

The top was my first attempt and though it did stay put , the shape did nothing for me. I send it into retirement right after coming home from the LARP event. The performance was okay, as was expected from two bright eyed beginner/intermediate students. It was to the short Egyptian song ‘Mouna’, which is still one of my favorites for beginners classes. We even got some tips in the form of silver and gold coins from some people in the audience.


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