Pink modern Egyptian (2010)

4lpmglx0ujeolgyr7t03ks37sdzb01This costume was made in 2010 and it was born out of the wish to have a costume that was light but bright. The new modern Egyptian style costumes were coming in, each one sleeker and more minimalistic. I took a long, hard look at all the costumes in my favorite online bellydance shops and headed straight to ebay.

The pink lycra was a find on the fabric market. I bought the flowers on eBay and bought a box with acrylic jewels on the local market. I was set! The strings of blue beads are necklaces that I bought in a jewelry shop. I adjusted the length to the desired size and added them to the costume. This was also the first time that I used bra straps on the side made of elastic. Being raised as an old school costumer, I firmly believed in the durability and stability of non-stretch straps. I still do, but I acknowledge that times are changing and sometimes comfort and the dimished time beat the old arguments.

The veil was made by Fairy Cove, one of my favorite silk suppliers. I have fond memories of this costume as I took it with me to Egypt in 2012 with Farah Adventures, where I performed to Alf leyla we leyla with an Egyptian orchestra in a tent in Luxor. It was magical.


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