Green and purple bra remake (2005?)

neckelmannsnaAs I was becoming more and more active on bellydance forum Bhuz, I noticed how versatile and relative cheap Neckelmann’s costumes were. When a second hand set became available, I bought it and had it shipped. Unfortunately I soon learned a thing or two about import taxes, making this a ‘not so cheap’ costume.


I was very unhappy with the flimsy bra, which consisted of sequins and beads sown straight onto a flesh toned lingerie bra. My first job was creating a basic bra from denim, covering it in green fabric and transferring all the beads. I chose to enlarge the cups slightly so I bought extra beads to fill the extra space. While I was at it, I also made a headband and a purple panne velvet mermaid skirt.

I wore this costume to several of my earlier performances. The most memorable was the performance at the wedding of a close friend in Germany. She had also started taking bellydance classes in her area and is still taking classes.


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