Black and blue tribal fusion (2009)

gothicfusion01Yes, I dabbled in ATS and Tribal Fusion. My teacher at the time (Leila) was crazy about tribal. She even travelled to America to take classes with the Big Name tribal dancers and came back with amazing stories. I on the other hand, was charmed by he idea of fusion. Since I have a bit of Asian blood in me, I decided to try an Asian fusion costume. It turned out rather well.

The top is made of no stretch brocade straps around the neck and ribcage, with black panne velvet panels. The key hole neckline is mirrored in the back. By now I was becoming an expert in making fingerless gloves, and they really pull the look together.

The belt was made according to the concept of a corset belt. I read about it online and drooled over the designs from Tempest, then made my own. As my hips are fairly wide, I decided to make a broad belt. I found the blue synthetic tassels in the local sewing shop and the metal rings in our hardware store.

The matching peacock earrings were a lucky thriftshop find. I never performed in this outfit, though I created a sword dance to ‘Ice Queen’.


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