American Tribal Style (2003)

tribalstyle01 tribalstyle02My teacher at the time (Leila) was crazy about tribal. She even travelled to America to take classes with the Big Name tribal dancers and came back with amazing stories. I took one year of ATS classes with her and at the end of the year, we did a group performance at a local hafla.

As we didn’t have ATS dancers in the Netherlands, let alone costume shops or examples that I could view, I browsed the internet and came up with this ensemble.
The skirt is a classes tiered skirt (not 7 yards, unfortunately) and I found a lightweight fabric that works really well. The belt was bought on eBay, I added tassels, kuchi coins and ties to the front. The choli was a bit of ahit and mis, and though I ended up making something that worked I never wore it ever since. The coin bra was made by repurposing a discount coin jacket and adding the coins to a bra covered in black panne velvet. I was rather fun of panne velvet, as you can see in the costume gallery.


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