I will link to other costuming websites on the seperate pages as well, but this is where I collect the links that are related to costuming and bellydance. If you want to take classes or workshops, check out my bellydance website. If you happen to be travelling in the Netherlands and want to meet, let me know!.

Bellydance costuming


Shira: Ask the Costume Goddess

Nai’ma’s bellydance blog

Davina’s Costumer Notes

Nadya’s Sewing Instructions

Ozma’s Costumes

The Practical Dancer

Bellydance forums


Oriental Dancer

Magazines/sites that published my article(s)

Gilded Serpent

Cheekygirls Productions

Raqs wa Risala (Dutch bellydance magazine)

I am a proud member of

Dalla Dream Dancers – Professional Bellydance Troupe

Sense of Bellydance – Cooperation of Utrecht Bellydancers


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