This is an overview of the costumes that I made through the years. The earliest costume dates back to 2001, and in retrospect I’d call it a practice costume or a student costume. I bought my first professional costume in 2004 from my teacher Leila. It happened to be a vintage Bella and I still own that very set and have worn it through the years. From that moment on I was hooked on sequins. Crystals sparkling under stage lights, sequins, beaded fringe and the swishing of chiffon. Not to mention my dabbling in ATS and ITS, including experiments with cowry shells and kuchi belts. I had been making clothes for ages but this was a whole new ballgame.

Looking back on the costumes that I’ve made or repaired, each one represents a different phase in my life. I hope you enjoy reading about these costumes as much as I enjoy making and wearing them.