Hey, nice to see you here! I am Kyria and I live in the Netherlands. My love for sewing started early in life and when I turned nine my mother was so tired of me begging her to use her sewing machine that I got a rel one for my birthday. It was a cast iron Lewenstein and I was absolutely delighted. It was electric and could make a straight stitch and a zig zag stitch and at that age, what more did a girl need?

Kyria's first sewing machine in 1989
Kyria’s first sewing machine in 1989

Turned out that a girl like me also needed a dance obsession! In the eighties and nineties it was jazz ballet, with high energy imitations of Jeanet Jackson choreographies.  When I moved to Utrecht I tried out different classes at the Cultural Center at the University. After my initial bellydance class I soon got hooked on bellydance and ventured into costume making. I already had a strong relationship with my sewing machine though I’ve upgraded to a more recent model, a second hand Berninakyria 2009. With practice my skills improved quickly and after a couple of years, I taught workshops on bellydance costuming and wrote, illustrated and published a Dutch book on bellydance costuming in in 2007.

I blogged about many costume projects on Livejournal, but as LJ is losing popularity I am afraid those posts might be gone soon.  january 2015 I put all my old blogposts on costuming out here in a public place as there is a ton of information on projects that I’ve done.

Many things have changed since I took my first bellydance class. We are in a different century, I got my university degree in Psychology, I met and married the kove of my life, found myself a full-time job in IT, a really cute dog and I moved from my student room to a house in the suburbs.  My time spend on costuming is more limited but I still have many, many ideas that I like to make into reality.

I hope you enjoy my stories in costuming and find inspiration, support and useful tips on this blog.  As a professional bellydancer, my priorities are my daily practice, preparing and teaching my weekly classes and providing high quality performances for my clients. If I am unavailable online it is probably because I am swept up in a dance project.

My (Dutch) website for my bellydance business is located at http://www.buikdansereskyria.com. If you want to connect, find me on facebook as Kyria Bellydance or like my fanpage in the sidebar.



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    1. Hi Sherrie,
      If you have a wordpress account and are logged in, there is a follow button on the navigation menu. For visitors that are not logged in, there is a button in the lower right corner of the screen. I am fairly new to this type of blog so I am learning along the way. Let me know if you see the button on the bottom right.


  1. Hi! Fellow dance mom here. I’ve been looking for about five yards of the fabric of your veil from the February post for seveal years now. Any suggestions as to where I could look? It used to be EVERYWHERE!


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