Life long learning through online programs

I am addicted to learning. Learning how to dance and learning how to make costumes are among my favorite subjects. With an impressive amount of traditional education, working in Education for over a decade and being a teacher myself, learning is sort of my thing. Before the internet I loved learning belly dance through VHS and dvds. As my time is extremely limited these days, I like to learn in the most efficient way possible. That’s why I love learning online.

Learning belly dance online

With regards to belly dance, I have been all over the internet with regards to online classes. I can recommend the following:

Check out Sparkly Belly’s costume catalogue for a full overview of available tutorials!

What I wanted to write about though, is that I wanted to learn more about running a business. About how companies work. About finance, accounting. Those are things that I am not good at. And being a belly dance entrepeneur, it sucks that I have so little knowledge of what makes my company tick. I decided to go large and get an MBA. extensive research made me realize that an MBA program at a local university is out of the question for me. With two small kids, a full-time job and a belly dance business, I don’t have enough free time to go back to school. Second, traditional MBA programs are expensive. A traditional MBA costs about as much as 50 custom made Bella costumes. That’s an amount of money that I simply don’t have.  Which brings me to online MBA’s.

Online MBA

26434e2256659f4b082729d1c8a2b3b8.pngAfter comparing several options, like  Harvard Business School — HBX CORe and the iMBA from the University of Illinois  I decided to apply for Due to my work experience I was a candidate for the Executive MBA. After applying I finished the recommended classes, filled out my full pofile, had an interview through Zoom and I got accepted! As this is the Executive program I am paying to follow this course. In return I get to follow classes online, tap into a netweork of alumni and students and there are a couple of neat extra courses for the executive students as well. It also has a strenuous schedule of classes that need to be completed every week. This is good, because I have to focus on finishing courses within the deadlines. I need to stay on track. The whole MBA takes about 1 year and I look forward to getting started!

The reason that I write about it on this blog, is because elearning is getting bigger and bigger. It is valuable to get first hand information about what it is like to follow a course or program in case you want to try it. I also expect that the MBA program will give me inspiration and ideas to improve my belly dance business.

Online learning for you?

I’m going to leave you with on a lighter note. If you haven’t tried elearning yet, here are two super fun places to start taking classes. Both options are comple

tely free!

The Belly Dance Business Academy

There are many, many online classes at the BDBA that you can follow. And a lot of them are free! So get yourself over there and sign up. To get you started, the free courses that I made are:

Playlist Essentials for bellydancers

Costuming during pregnancy

Copy of Kyria's vlog

Google digital learning environment

The nice people at Google headquarters made severl elarning modules that are available for free. Their digital workplace training is accredited and teaches you everything about marketing and promoting. Super handy if you run your own business.

I love to hear about your experiences with online learning. Feel free to reach out to me on facebook or comment in the box below 🙂

I am a professional bellydancer, costume-a-holic and dance studio owner living in the Netherlands. My passion is teaching and performing bellydance and I’ve been doing that for almost two decades. I am a teacher at the online Belly Dance Business Academy, where you can find courses and workshops to help you grow your belly dance business. If you like to be kept in the loop, please like Kyria Bellydance on Facebook , follow me on Twitter or find me on Instagram







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