Snow queen part 6: the cloak

Despite not wanting to be a copy of Elsa, I adore her cloak. Makinf a cloak was high in my list as it’s been a while since I made one. My first item of a LARP costume was making a brown elven cloak a couple of decades ago. But I digress.

Not knowing how much I would need, I guestimated about ten meters. The dabric was ordered online: an ice blue organza that was advertised as ‘baby blue’.

I ended up using six meters instead. The cloak became more of a trailing train as it would give me more space to work with on stage. Starting out by laying the fabric out on the floor I cit it on the diagonal. I then sewed the center back seam and the side panel seams.

I sewed it on a band that fastens around my neck. Much like the way isis wings are attached. To make it more comfortable I added elastic to the neck band. The band closes with velcro. I added AB crystals to give it the appearance of a bejeweled choker.

You can imagine that taking a picture of the cloak was hard. There simply wasn’t enough room in our livingroom to show the full splendor of this cloak. I had it finished before our try-out and I got some pictures to show you from that afternoon. In this picture my costume is ‘t completely finished yet. It gives a nice impression of the volume of the cloak.

I am a professional bellydancer, costume-a-holic and dance studio owner living in the Netherlands. My passion is teaching and performing bellydance and I’ve been doing that for almost two decades. I am a teacher at the online Belly Dance Business Academy, where you can find courses and workshops to help you grow your belly dance business. If you like to be kept in the loop, please like Kyria Bellydance on Facebook , follow me on Twitter or find me on Instagram. 


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