Snow queen part 4: the mesh bodysuit

Mesh bodysuits have been around for a while but I never had a chance to wear a costume with one of these. Partly because I haven’t bought a new costume in five years or so, and part because I didn’t find a second hand costume with this feature.

A Dutch dancer offered this mesh bodysuit up for sale for a really good price. Considering that it was worn and had some damage, I thought I give it a try. Worst case scenario is that I couldn’t fix the suit and would not wear it.

It was made by Sufel boutique, a costume designer who makes custom orders. They are affordable (in the 200-350 usd range for a new costume), the costumes are comfortable to wear and look well on stage. This is what the suit looks like laid out on the floor.

The damage to the suit included Crystals that fell off and leaving the backing of the crystal on the fabric in the form of a black mark. Other damage included someone trying to glue stuff back on with the wrong type of glue. I wrote a blog about using glue on costumes a while back and though I changed my opinion and am gluing a lot of stuff for this costume, glue damage sucks. It is ugly and irreparable. Please take care and use the right type of glue!

I used a Dutch type of Gemtac for this and bought non hotfix AB Crystals from a Chinese vendor. To make sure that the suit would not get glued to itself or the table, I put a bottle of Coke in the leg and a placemat in the body part. In this picture you can also see the black marks where crystals fell off.

Using a tiny amont of glue, I reglued Crystals on the places, covering the black marks, snags and some of the glue stains. The trick is to use enough glue to create a strong bond, without spilling too much around the edges. I used a toothpick to get the Crystals into place, avoiding putting pressure on the rhinestone. That would cause the glue to move to the side, instead of glueing the rhinestone back to the mesh.

In this picture you can see the result on the legs. I used slightly larger AB crystals to make sure the new stones would completely cover the marks on the fabric. It was suprisingly comfortable during dress rehearsal.

I am a professional bellydancer, costume-a-holic and dance studio owner living in the Netherlands. My passion is teaching and performing bellydance and I’ve been doing that for almost two decades. I am a teacher at the online Belly Dance Business Academy, where you can find courses and workshops to help you grow your belly dance business. If you like to be kept in the loop, please like Kyria Bellydance on Facebook , follow me on Twitter or find me on Instagram.



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