Building a studio – it’s ready!

It took a bit longer than we anticipated but the studio is ready and in use. Initially I thought I’d do a grand opening, or invite my dance friends to open the studio. But life has been crazy and in my optimism I planned summer workshops in the studio in July. Our garden wasn’t ready but the workshops were fully signed up…. Instead of a big opening we had the workshops with two wonderful groups of dancers. The studio certainly has some good mojo going on from happy students!

In addition I had some  inquieries about teaching weekly classes in the studio and we’ve been doing summer classes for beginners as well. I had some more people sign up and the group is almost full. 

My husband pointed out that with all the dancing, we don’t have time off to enjoy a holiday as a family. He is totally right!

I have been training and coaching two of my advanced students into becoming assistent teachers. One of them is ready to start teaching weekly beginners classes. Huzzah! We plan on taking a week off as a family to relax and recharge.

The garden is mostly done: E. put down a considerable amount of pavement, put up two fences, built a gate and dug out roots. Once the garden is ready I’ll post some outside pictures as well 🙂

For now, this is what our studio looks like:



There are some minor things that need to be fixed. Like fixing the toiletpaper holder to the wall, retouching the paint that the dog scratched off the doors. The garden still looks like a disaster happened and while we’re at it, the paintwork on the backdoor needs to be done as well.

But for now, I am happy with what we have accomplished and I am enjoying teaching and dancing in our very own studio space. If you want to know more about the classes and workshops that I offer, or if you are interested in renting the space check out the studio website. I made that website as well.  Now excuse me while I go and enjoy all the things we accomplished 😄

I am a professional bellydancer, costume-a-holic and dance studio owner living in the Netherlands. My biggest passion is teaching and performing bellydance and I intent to continue for quite some time! If you like to be kept in the loop, please like Kyria Bellydance on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. Leave your questions or comments in the box below, or let me know through Facebook.




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