Resources for buying student costumes

My students are halfway through the semester and already excited about the student recital right before the summer break! A recital is an excellent opportunity to show what we’ve learned in class, plus it’s a nice occassion to  dress up. For recitals, you are probably sked to wear a ‘student costume’. Something that says ‘belly dance’ without being outrageously expensive. A nice coin scarf, flaired pants, a tie top with butterfly sleeves…. Combined differently, an item could be worn as every day wear, or paired with a bra and belt might be the finishing touch for a professional belly dance costume.

To help you get inspired, I collected several sources for student costumes in this blog.


L Rose designs

This all American small business has a catalogue of skirts, pants, tops and accesoires that look gorgeous on stage and are comfortable to wear. They do custom work and large sizes and are super friendly to work with. If you buy from outside the US, be careful for possible extra taxes.



Another US based company with gorgeous hipscarves, set in fabulous prints and various droolworthy items.


Dahlal has many costume options, including tribal and Egyptian style. Ccheck out their section with professional costumes if you want to see more sequins and rhinestones.


This is a big website! I ordered dvds from them in the past and they were fast to deliver. They also sell tops, skirts, hipscarves, jewelry, cd’s and dvd’s. Be careful with the sizing, as the clothes tend to run small.

Happy shopping 🙂

I am a professional bellydancer and costume-a-holic living in the Netherlands. My biggest passion is teaching and performing bellydance and I intent to continue for quite some time! If you enjoyed this post and like to be kept in the loop, please like Kyria Bellydance on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. Leave your questions or comments in the box below, or let me know through Facebook.




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