A random collection of free belly dance stuff

blog-free-stuffI’ve been browsing around the internet, searching for interesting stuff to work with and I thought I’d share the result of my treasure hunt with you. In this blog, I present to you a random collection of free stuff. Some of it is belly dance related, some of it isn’t. Enjoy!

Free customized printable wrapping paper

How awesome is this? Customize your paper, download, print, wrap and gift. Can also be used for origami, creating cards, labels, etc.

Free wrapping paper ready to use

Bright patterned wrapping paper for immediate use. Cheerful and pretty.

Free choli pattern

Black Swan Tribe offers a free choli pattern for personal use. Great for practice wear.

Free belly dance coloring book

The amazing Dawn Devine made a free belly dance coloring book. All you have to do is sign up for her newsletter that is filled with cool stuff about belly dance.

Free printable affirmation

I found these cards pretty, beautiful affirmations and easy to print out and use. Well put together and I love the effect that having an affirmation every now and then has on me.

Free Bellyfit video class

I ccertified as a Bellyfit instructor a couple of years ago and I admire Alice Bracegirdle and the work she puts into the program. Bellyfit is aimed at all women and offers a work-out that nourishes the body and the mind. Plus it incorporates elements of belly dance, Bollywood and African dance.

Free belly dance practice prompts

Mahin is an inspiring teacher. Sign up for her daily bellydance quickies and receive free practice prompts and ideas.

Free podcasts on various bellydance subjects

Nadira Jamal geeks out with guest speakers in this monthly podcasts. Sign up and join the podcast live, or listen to the recording afterwards. There’s a wealth of information over here.



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