Exciting news

I haven’t written about a rather exciting project that my husband and I are undertaking. When we bought our family home in 2013 we dreamed about remodeling the property to our hearts content. My husband, who is reading this (Hi honey!), happens to be a musician. He likes to play and create music with his friends. Iteach dance classes and I have claimed one of the upstairs bedrooms as my practice and dance-storage space.  But with our family growing, the bedroom needs to be used as a bedroom and we don’t like spending so much time on travelling to our practice space as we have far less free time. We’d rather be playing/dancing!

We talked extensively about our dreams and ideas and we decided to go through an extensive remodeling of our property. Our garage has been torn down and will be replaced by a fully functional albeit small sized dance studio. The official opening of the studio will be in June, as the contractor will also build an addition to the side of the house. We will live in utter chaos for roughly six months and even have to relocate our family including our baby and dog for a couple of weeks to make it happen.

November 1th: the garage is gone

I have never had so many meetings with official sounding people but the plans are finished, the finances are taken care of and 5his week the contractor started by tearing down the garage. What does this mean?

  • We will have a freestanding studio space in the back yard, that will function as a small dance studio starting in June 2017.
  • The studio is located in our backyard and we will limit the use of the studio in lieu of the privacy of our family. It is mostly for personal use and we will not program activities in it every day/night.

The studio allows me to focus more on teaching workshops to small groups. I’ve developed a prenatal belly dance workshop and course that I’ll schedule on a regular base, plus I love to do workshops for belly dancers on subjects that are rarely taught. Examples of what I have in mind:

  1. Rare folkloric themes like Nubian, Tunesian, etc;
  2. The business side of belly dance like maintaining your own website, creating flyers, taxes;
  3. Creative workshops on making costume items.

This summer I have been using the evenings to work on the programming, developing marketing material and improving my lesson plans. I am focusing on the Dutch market but some of my dance material will also be published in English. Stay tuned for ideas and materials to spice up your belly dance practice. The next six months will be exciting, busy, scary and filled with the sound of men at work.


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