Fantasy/historic costume: the black and gold jacquard dress

In a previous post I mentioned how unforgiving synthetic fabric is during the summer, when a pretty dress turns into a torture device within a couple of hours in the sun. This didn’t stop me from making more dresses from synthetic fabrics. The historic costumes might want to look away at this point, as this dress is made with a commercial pattern and is in no way historical accurate. I didn’t know what to do with my hair, the hair and make-up are also not historical accurate, landing this dress squarely in the ‘pretty fantasy dress’ category. But hey, it worked! I made this dress around 2004 if I recall correctly, so it’s been a while.

I found this fabric at a one euro per meter sale at the local fabric market in Utrecht. The gold satin was a perfect match and I had been eying this pattern for a while. It was my first try at this type of costume and some things didn’t quite work out. The bodice is fully lined and contains bones to keep it’s shape. The front panel of the bodice came out a bit frumpy and I always thought I might add some beading to the front to cover it up. As I doubt that I will fit into this dress, I’ll probably sell it as is.

The poufy shoulders are a bit heavy with filling so they tend to droop to the side. Not helped by the part on top of the shoulder that is supposed to keep the sleeve up, but stands away from my shoulders despite several attempts to adjust this.

Image 056


The back of the dress has visible lace up closure in the  back with a modesty panel behind the eyelets, so it would go up a couple of centimeters. I don’t dare to try it on though, as my size has changed so much through the years. The gold underskirt was pretty easy to add and this costume has a bum roll to create the correct silhouette. Or wear a fanny pack underneath to keep your keys and wallet safe!

As you can see I did pattern matching in the back, something I was rather proud of. These pictures were taking at the boulevard/water in the center of Utrecht.

Image 063

I am a professional bellydancer and costume-a-holic living in the Netherlands. If you enjoyed this post and like to be kept in the loop, please like Kyria Bellydance on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. Leave your questions or comments in the box below, or let me know through Facebook.


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