Excited about the next two days

So many things to be happy and excited about! For the next two days I’ll be doing Sadie’s Raqs Flow level 1 in Breda, hosted by the lovely Badra Falak. This is the first time that I’m taking bellydance workshops after oir baby was born.

I have almost religiously followed bellydance workshops, week longs and intensives for over a decade. My last intensive was Raks Ava, a dive day intensice with Ava Fleming in Leuven, in August 2015. With a little one in our house, running off for a week is out of the question. Which leaves me with the options of following a single workshop during a weekend, or taking workshops during weekdays at office hours. And that’s when I noticed that Raqs Flow is being thaught on Thursday and Friday during the day. Yay!

Raqs Flow is part of a certification program developed by Sadie. In two days qe’re going to cover technique, musicality, travelling steps, combinations and work with live percussion. It sounds exciting! One of the pitfalls of dancing for a long time is thinking that the workshop I took a couple of years ago on subject X is all I needed to know about the subject. Truth is that even the smallest part of oriental dance can be studied for decades and I still have epiphanies and revelations every couple of years. I am never ‘done’ with learning. Having a different teacher cover the same subjects gives me a different perspective. Often there is no such thing as ‘the absolute truth’ when it comes to bellydance. Discovering new viewpoints is lile travellingb a familiar route but looking at it from a different angle. 

I look forward to studying bellydance again and meeting some long distance bellydance friends again. I am anxious because my body has changed, excited because I can emerge myself in an activity I love. It almost feels like an indulgence! 

Material and inspiration of this two day intensive will be brewing in the back of my head during the summer holiday, while I prepare the next semester of bellydance classes. I will let you know in a couple of days how I experienced Raqs Flow. Now I’m off to pack my bag and prepare for tomorrow.


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