Drum solo improvisation

I don’t post much video’s of me dancing because like most dancers, I have an inner critic that is pointing out all my flaws and faults when I watch my own performance on tape. However, bellydance is also a performance art and a bit of show and tell would be good for me. After all, I am proud of the training that I put in, the creativity it takes to come up with a choreography or improvisation and the guts to not only perform in public but post it online.

I videotaped this performance last year when I was 39 weeks pregnant. It’s a typical case of thinking before hand that I’d videotape my performances throughout the pregnancy, realizing in week 39 that I was a bit too late for that, and spending an afternoon at the studio to create this video and take a couple of nice pictures.

And now I am glad that I have this beautiful video and pictures of me and my pregnant belly having fun together 🙂


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