Gold mesh costume part 4- new skirt

The original skirt was worn out, with the holographic layer peeling of in places. The metal mesh also leaves a black residue on the fabric and adds a bit of smudge. I noticed it when I removed the mesh from the original skirt and my fingers turned black.  

The original skirt had a jagged hemline that mimicked the jagged edges of the metal mesh. Keeping the jagged hem seemed like the right thing to do. After removing all the mesh from the original skirt I cut along all the seams and used the different panels to cut out  the new skirt. As the original skirt was a bit tight and a tad too short, the new skirt will be a size bigger and 4″/10 cm longer.  


The skirt is a variation of the mermaid skirt in the tutorial on this website, with two backpaels and a quartercircle insert. The insert gives the skirt an extra bit of flair when spinning.

 The jagged hem took a while to hem but came out beautiful. I turned over the upper edge  to create a waistband and the skirt was done 😄.

The original skirt was edged with the metal mesh. I saved it and put it to the side for now. It would add a nice weight to the skirt but it also makes it easier to get the skirt tangled up when dancing. I am going to work on the seperate belt first before deciding on decorayion on the skirt.


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