Pattern storage

January is almost over and I am now writing the first blog of 2016. Life with a baby is very different and we are immensly enjoying her rapid changes and new skills. This also means less time for other things.

In order to keep on costuming I started organizing my patterns so they are easy to find. I kept tissue patterns that I made in the past in see through binders with a short note. This made it harder to find patterns or sometimes the pattern pieces would not be in the same binder, or the note was wrong. 

To make life easier I threw out patterns that didn’t make sense anymore and started adding pages with information to the patterns that I kept. The page contains at least the following information:

  • Drawing of the finished garment
  • Description of the pattern
  • If possible origin of the pattern
  • Amount of fabric needed
  • The date when I made the pattern
  • Personal notes and experience on making the pattern

I didn’t get everything done yet, but what I have so far looks pretty neat.

It helps me to find the right pattern in a blink and gives me a good overview of how much material I need. This year I’ll be working on reducing my fabric stash, finishing projects that are halfway done and work on the projects that I already have the materials for.

For example, there’s a big pile of chiffon scraps from making circle skirts in 2015 that I want to turn into veils, wrap tops and practice skirts. The gold metal mesh costume is geting along nicely and I have a bit of printed jersey left from the peacock dress that I want to turn into a practice top. I have my work cut out for me!


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