Welcome tiny dancer

I haven’t updated this blog because I was busy giving birth and getting used to being a mom. I won’t post pictures of my baby girl here due to being paranoid about people on the internet and stuff they do with pictures of children. All I have for you is a picture of me at 39 weeks, dancing around.

It might sound weird but I am still amazed how a fully grown tiny human being fitted inside my belly. Not to mention how she got out safe and sound and looking gorgeous. Must be the dancer genes! We’re over the moon with our tiny dancer, even with the new rhythm of feeding and sleeping wreaking havoc on our adult brains. She’s totally worth it and she’ll grow into sleeping through the night in the future.

Amidst all this, I started working on a new costuming project. Mainly because I was overdue and needed to do something to keep my mind occupied while waiting for our girl to arrive. The second reason for starting this project is that I’ve been doing my math and it looks like I won’t be able to afford buying bellydance costumes for a while. Time to dig into my costume stash and work with fabric and beads that are already in my posession.

For the near future, updates will be irregular and about once every two weeks. Writing is what keeps me motivated to continue costuming and dancing. It offers me a place to reflect and look back on all the cool people I met, events I attended and dances I made. Thank you for reading my blog and sharing the joy.


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