Atisheh’s dvd review blog: my top ten recommended bellydance dvds

buikdansdvd01It’s summer and I have a little bit more time on my hands due to the holiday and me not teaching weekly classes. Did you know that preparing a dance class takes about the same amount of time as actually teaching the class? I teach two and a half hours per week but in reality am spending another two and a half hours on creating a curriculum, lesson plans, exercises/dance games and the choreography. I love every minute of it!

I love it so much that I am currently preparing my lesson plans for February-June 2016. I am taking some time off until February 2016 to deliver a baby and get used to being a family and adjusting to all the changes. My train of thought went ‘if I get all my preparation done before going on maternity leave, I won’t have to stress about preparing for class’. I’ll let you know how that one worked out in a couple of months. *cough* wishful thinking *cough*

Bellydancing at six and a half month pregnant
Bellydancing at the beach at six and a half month pregnant

With this long term thinking in mind, I had a couple of posts that had been in the back of my mind that didn’t quite fit on this blog. I am an avid user of instructional dvds and students and fellow dancers often ask me what dvds I’d recommend for an intermediate to advanced dancer. The market is flooded with dvds aimed at beginners but once you’re past that point, it’s hard to continue your education and growth as a dancer. A girl has to be inventive, you know?

Through facebook I met Atisheh, who is also a big fan of instructional dvds. Her blog is all about dvd reviews, most of them bellydance dvds but also ballet, fitness, pilates and yoga. I totally adore her blog and can’t wait to read her latest posts.We got to talking through facebook and she asked if I could guest blog, which is the moment when my ideas for writing a bit about my experience with instructional dvds popped up and shouted: ‘yes! that would be awesome!’

The rest is history. Well, it took me a while to write the posts and create the images and such and then Atisheh published them on her blog. If using instructional dvds is something you’re interested in and you are curious about the dvds I like to use for regular practice, check out these blogposts:

How I got started with instructional dvds and why I keep on using them

The top ten dvds for intermediate to advanced dancers

I am  a professional bellydancer and costume-a-holic living in the Netherlands. I enjoy blogging and am a regular user of instructional dvds and streaming classes. If you enjoyed this post and like to kept in the loop, please like Kyria Bellydance on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. Leave your questions or comments in the box below, or let me know through Facebook and I might write a blog post to answer your costuming question.

Thanks for reading and see you soon


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