Black multi color costume part 7: Closures

A project isn’t finished until the last hook is sewn on and it has been through it’s first performance. This is the final post (yay!) of the black multi color costume, as I am getting it ready for it’s maiden voyage/performance this month. My standard preference for bra band closures is having a wide skirt hook and bar on the ribcage strap, and a bit of velcro sewn to the overlapping ends to keep them on place. It makes it easier to get the overlap band secure in place and it is flexible when I need a little bit more room in the bra band: I only need to move the bar.

For the belt, since it is so heavy, I also use a skirt hook/bar for the top closure. For the bottom I chose the smaller black hook and eye. These are incredible strong and the hook can meet the eye on an angle, making it the perfect solution for a closure that needs to be at a slight angle to make the belt fit my curves. Sewing the closures on the costume is a relative small chore compared to the hours and hours spend on beading, but it is one of the most essential and important steps. Without a proper closure, the costume wouldn’t fit me right, which was the goal of remaking the costume in the first place.

I had the perfect opportunity to break in my new costume during the hafla on April 2th. I teach weekly calsses at the Cultural Center of Utrecht University, and we wanted to try having a small hafla with a workshop and some performances. I prepared a choreographed improvisation to Leylet Hob in a tribute to the dancer who gifted me the costume.My sole conundrum was what skirt to wear. Since it is multi-color, any color would go. I could even go for black (boring), didn’t want to use red or pink (background is red) and was a bit meh about green.

I ended up picking a purple Pharaonix Arabesque skirt layered over the original skirt that came with the costume.  This combination isn’t something that would come to me naturally, but it felt suitable for the occassion. Soon, this costume will be added to the costume gallery and I will add all the blog posts to that page so you can always find the posts.

The hafla was a great event, with happy, enthousiastic people, performances by me friends and fellow teachers from our area and a rendition of Leylet Hob that would have done Dunya proud. She was a warm kind, funny and loudly opiniated woman who made the world a better place. I miss her and I am glad that I have known her. Today I won’t post pictures of myself wearing the multi-color costume. Today is not about me: it is about love for oriental dance, for all the people around the world who dedicate their time and energy to dancing their heart out and training a new generation of bellydancers. For all the dancers who rehearse their choreographies, learn how to improvise, find new friends and create amazing experiences through oriental dance. Thank you.


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