Where to buy high quality beaded fringe

I get a lot of questions about where I buy my beaded fringe because it is hard to determine the quality of the fringe from a picture on a screen. In this post I gathered a couple of reliable vendors and websites that sell beaded fringe.

For American buyers

Pepper Alexandria on Facebook. Several of my friends bought fringe from her and they like the quality and service.

Horus and isis – Excellent quality beaded fringe. They have a minimum order of 150 usd but they are the genuine deal. Just look at that fringe.I have two pieces of fire fringe from Horus and Isis in my stash that I have big plans for. They also carry swagged fringe and various color combinations.

Turquoise International -Carries superb quality fringe with, unfortunatly, very high prices. I like browsing through their catalogue for inspiration.

Scheherezade Imports – They sell beaded fringe, and show on their website what’s in stock.

For European buyers

Since I am on the European side of the ocean, I’ve noticed that it is often cheaper and faster to buy directly from Egypt. Be careful through, the quality might vary. In my experience, the fringe I got through eBay is lower quality compared to the more expensive fringe I got from Sakkara.de. Sakkara seams to no longer carry costuming supplies.

Tabou.de – Limited colors, but good quality and they are fast with shipping within the EU.

B3ad3d on eBay – A friend bought fringe here and was suprised by the nice quality. Don’t expect excellence for this  pricem he is trustworthy and ships from Egypt

Nadya’s Bazar – This is a German costumer who is selling her surplus stash. I have never bought from her but her website is fabulous, a great costuming resource. And someone who shows such meticulous attention and patience in her costuming is likely to use the same competence in selling her extra stash 🙂


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