My love-hate relationship with glitter

In my early days as a bellydance student, I travelled to another city and buy my first hipscarf. It was imported by the shop owner from Egypt and was edged in two sizes of gold coins. I was over the moon with the hipscarf and wore it to every class. In the shop were professional bellydance costumes for sale and those caught my attention. I always loved sequins and glitter but rarely found a reason to wear sequins.

Ha, silly me! Years have past and glitter has turned into a daily obsession. When I am designing a costume, I usually want to add more glitter. When shopping for jeans, I like the ones with rhinestones. In short, I am a glitter addict. It is considered incurable but I don’t care.

It is not all fun though, because sequins and glitter have a nasty habit of spreading itself everytwhere. It will somehow multiply and cling to the soles of your feet and shoes, thus travelling to other rooms in the house. And it will never, ever completely be gone. Many costuming projects went through my house. For example, I made gold sequined Saaidi dresses for a student recital in 2011. There were eleven dresses to make, which equals a huge, huge amount of collateral sequins spread around the house. Though I have vacumed the house many, many times, I still found sequins when I moved out of the house in 2014.

Gold Saaidi Dress
Gold Saaidi Dress

Something you might have noticed is that I didn’t create full costumes in 2013 and 2014. I was busy with getting settled in my day job and meeting my husband. We got engaged in February 2014 and married in August 2014. Yep, he married me without knowing what it would be like to have an active bellydance costumer in the house. And now, in 2015, the moment has arrived that I am working on a costume again.

Since I have less tome to sew sequins on by hand, I used sequined mesh to cover a bra and belt set. This meant that a horde of tiny black sequins was released in hour house. It started in my bellydance/craftroom upstairs and slowely spread to our livingroom where I was beading the set on the couch, watching ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th century’.

The floor of my craft room covered in stray sequins
The floor of my craft room covered in stray sequins

My husband sat next to me, oblivious of the horror that was upon him. The sprinkled sequins were hiding in the dusk while we were sitting on the couch. I promised to vacuum but I am a bit of a scatterbrain so I forgot. The next day, my husband noticed the glitter havoc and took things into his own hands by getting the vacuum cleaner and cleaning the floor and the couch.

Turns out I have the sweetest husband ever, who doesn’t mind that I have the attention span of a goldfish, the taste of a magpie and the focus of a cross-eyed koala. Thank you honey! For all you guys out there who want to send your friends or enemies the gift of glitter and the experience of a life time, check out and share the joy. I will continue to love/hate glitter and keep on costuming.


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