Costume identified

In my last post I asked if anyone knew the year and model name of a Pharaonix belt. I posted on Bhuz and facebook and soon several people mentioned that I could ask Amira directly through facebook. That hadn’t occured to me at all, what a great tip! Sheryl tagged Amira in her facebook post and soon Amira joined the conversation to shed light on the situation. She said:


FB amira 04There you have it: it is still available in case you want your very own, in several versions. Amira designed it in early 2000 and it was called ‘Cocktail’. What a lushious name for a costume! Thank you all for chiming in on various platforms to help me and for the readers that are following this blog. If you want to receive a notice of new blogposts, you can follow this blog by clicking the grey button in the lower right of your screen. If you have a wordpress blog or account, you can add this blog to your wordpress reader by logging in and clicking the button in your WordPress menu on the top.




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