Help me identify this costume

I recently received an amazing belt with flat beadwork from Pharaonics of Egypt. I love everything about it and I will honor the original owner by wearing it with pride. There will also be a matching bra in the future but for now, the belt is all I have to go on. The beading is intricate and though I don’t know it’s actual age, I only need to make one small repair on the back of the belt. Amira’s quality is superb.

I am trying to identify the timespan when Amira made this type of costume and what the name of the model was. I tried searching on Dahlal and the internet but to no avail. Maybe one of you can help me out, with all the costume knowledge in our community. I am including pictures and close ups of the belt. I am pretty sure that the previous owner bought it around 2000 and she referred to it as ‘Enchanted Gardens’ or ‘Bouquet’. Nothing turned up on those search terms for me. If you have suggestions or ideas or if you own a similar costume, please share a picture! I love to see what it looks like when worn. You can contact me in the comments, through facebook and on Bhuz.

Here’s a close-up of the beading and the fringe:




2 thoughts on “Help me identify this costume

    1. The first night That the costume was in my house, I took the belt with me and put it on my nightstand. It was the last thing I wanted to see before going to sleep and the first thing when I woke up. My husband found it very amusing


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