Pink Turkish costume – the gathering

Amulya asked about a post to gather all the costume entries for the Pink Turkish costume. It is also an excellent opportunity to show you pictures of the finished costume. I have worn this costume six times since I finished it and it is holding up great. I’m a little bit concerned about the holographic foil print turning silver over time, but so far, so good. I haven’t written about making the accessoiries: there is a matching upper arm band and a triangular hand decoration. They were fairly easy: I used a paisley medallion, added to a strip of fabric and edged in beads/sequins. The necklace is my multi-color butterfly necklace that also matches my Pharaonix butterfly. Come to think of it, it matches most of my costumes as it is multi-color. I highly recommend investing in a multi-color jewelry, as it creates an extra bit of visual interest. Rhinestone jewelry just didn’t cut it for this costume.

This is a picture of our duet. Hadyr is wearing the Bella I sold her earlier this year, which was the reason why I needed a costume to match it’s magnificent blingy-ness. Picture by Merijn van der Vliet:

And here’s a close-up from a later show in Bussum. Picture by Michael van Schijndel:

And here is a video of the costume in action:

The history:

1 – feb 20th: The materials
2 – feb 21th: belt pattern and base
3 – feb 22th: covering the belt base
4 – feb 24th: rhinestones everywhere
5 – feb 25th: paisley medallions
6 – feb 26th: Vanilla glitter
7 – mar 7th: a whole lot of bling
8 – mar 22th: Fringe!
9 – mar 24th: help me pick a skirt
10 – mar 29th: the bra base
11 – mar 31th: covering the bra
12 – april 7th: beading and fringe on the bra


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