Pink Turkish costume part 13: Beading and fringe on the bra

Several anxious dancers asked me on april the third if I had finished the costume on time. I did finish it on time, I put the lining in on Friday. What I might not have mentioned yet is that I was the event organizer for the show, together with the lovely Arya. In addition to organizing the event I was also performing three song in the show: a solo, a duet and a group performance.

The last days before the show were spent on emailing people who bought tickets in the pre-sale, practicing the choreographies, and last minute problem solving. This update is late, but hopefully still fun to read 🙂

In the last post, I showed how I covered the bra and itwas ready for beading. The beading and the fringe on the bra are the icing on the cake and it ook me close to 20 hours to complete both. Let”s start with the beading. Andalee asked me why I only made cut-outs on one bra cup. I designed the bra to be asymmetrical,and I beaded two curls on one cup and added two paisley appliqués to the other cup. I also made the shoulder straps and went with the crossed in the back strap configuration. The choreography has several hair tosses and flips and I needed this bra to be as secure as possible.
After the beading I decided to add short fringe instead of long fringe. I made a silver bra with several layers of long fringe in the past and it didn’ork for me. The short fringe would add extra emphasis on the v-shape of the design, and add extra movement without shortening my upper body. Though beading shorter fringe takes slightly less time then beading long fringe, it still took me a couple of hours to get it done. I watched several episodes of Andromeda which I find aweful, though strangely fascinating. I prefer scifi series with more science and better fiction. Also, Kevin Sorbo should not be allowed to command a spaceship.
and a sort of side view:
The bra is very comfortable to wear, once you got the whole cross-back straps thing figured out. And it stayed on well during the hair tosses 🙂 I also made an upper arm thingie and a hand thingie, hopefully the pictures of the event will arrive soon and I can show you the live pictures. I went with the pink lycra skirt for the show, as my partner was wearing a teal Bella wth a lighter toned lycra skirt.

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