Pink Turkish Costume part 12: covering the bra base + adding metal wire

In my last costume update, you’ve seen the bra base. In order to make those funky shaped cut-outs keep their shape, I needed to add metal wire to the bra cups. I prefer to cover the bra base first, and stitch the metal wire on later.
I started by covering the center piece of the bra with a remnant of the fashion fabric. It will be covered by a center piece medallion, but better safe then sorry! Then I continued to cover the bra cups by my regular method: start pinning the straight edge of the fabric along the top edge of the cup, then pin down the sides. Create a single fold by folding the fabric to the lower outer corner of the bra cup, lining the seam up with the point where the side strap connects to the bra cup. This part can’t be done by machine, so sit down, put on your favorite tv-show or a movie, and baste everything into place. You’ll end up with something looking like this:

To cover the cut-outs, make a cut in the center and pull/fold to the inside. Hand stitch into place. The shaped bra edge and cut-outs look like this from the inside:

Time for the wire! If you have never used metal wire in a costume, it might seem daunting but I assure you that it isn’t. Use heavy duty thread and a couple of tools to help you shape the metal wire. So here are my tools + the wire. I’m using wire used for gardening, as it is strong, bends without breaking and covered in a thin layer of plastic. If you wash your costume, the wire will not rust.

First, use the small tipped pliers to bend a neat little curl on the end of the wire. This will prevent the wire from poking through the fabric.

That’s all for today, tomorrow I’ll post the pictures on the beading and adding the paisley appliqué’s (the same one as the center medallion on the bra).


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