Pink Turkish costume part 8: Belt with a whole lot of bling

Other events had me occupied last week so I didn’t write much about the costuming project. My hands have not been idle though: I’ve spent 13 hours on beading the belt.

A lot of dancers ask me if making a costume is difficult.There are some tricky parts that require knowing your way around with a sewing machine and learning how to bead, but most of it is basically stitching sequins and beads for hour after hour. Kind of mind numbing and repetitive, but not hard 🙂

I used 9 grams of gold and 9 grams of pink/purple sequins for the belt, and app. 25-30 grams of gold and 25-30 grams of purple beads. The decision to use pink and gold was a good one, as it provides a great contrast up close and from a distance. Here’s a close-up of the beading:

And here’s a picture of the complete belt. The gold sequins look more yellow in real life:

I’m currently busy with beading the fringe, another tedious and long winded process. I can bead about 5 cm of fringe per hour and the whole belt is app. 110 cm long. It might be a while before I post the update of the finished fringe. Lucky for me I have tons of movies and series to watch while beading 🙂


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