Pink Turkish Costume part 7: Vanilla glitter

No pictures today, but a bit of contemplating about yesterdays poll about chosing colors. And for me a chance to take three of my favorite things and mix them together, the three things being chocolate, glitters and costumes 🙂

I’m having a hard time right now for various reasons that are totally unrelated to this costume project. Suddenly I find myself questioning the things that were so obvious before, and I find myself in front of a couple of difficult choices.

And those choices are like the choice I have to make on this costume. The easiest way is to stick with one color. Because that’s what I know, it looks good right now, and I’m sure it’ll look pretty if I finish it up like this. Sofar this project has been like vanilla icecream: everybody loves glitter. The scary choice is to add one or more colors, risking spending many hours into beading a costume, only to find out that it didn’t work quite as well as expected. By taking a chance and doing so, it might also happen that the costume turns out even more amazing. Adding chocolate sauce to vanilla icecream resulted in the all time favorite Dame Blanche. Not to mention that costume with several colors is so much more versatile when it comes to adding skirts and accessoiries.

You might be following my costume posts through Bhuz or Facebook without knowing anything else about me, and that’s totally okay by me. Reading posts from someone you’ve never know can be tremendously amusing, I do that all the time too.But sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the things in life that really matter, past the pictures that give you your daily belly dance costume fix. If you don’t take chances and risks in life, you’ll end up with a whole bunch of glittering vanilla icecream.

That’s all folks, regular costume posts will continue soon.


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