Pink Turkish Costume part 5: Rhinestones everywhere

I promised to give you guys a peek of the belt with the rhinestones, and here we go.

Let’s start by adding the rhinestone strands to the swirls first, since they are easy to maneuver. Rhinestone chain is sold, well, as a chain. And if you order 10 m, you have a big card with the rest of the rhinestones wrapped around it, that you’re trying to put somewhere close without tangling it with your sewing thread and other stuff. To make matter worse, I bought the cheap Chinese pronged rhinestone chain. I don’t regret it as it is sparkly and pretty for only 3,95 per m as opposed to the expensive kind that is 16,95 per m. But it iscold outside and I’m wearing wool. Wool and lots of prongs=epic fail. I did the swirl parts first:

I pinned all the belt parts together and added a couple of huge Swarovski AB crystals. Unfortunately, they don’t show up very well in the picture but once I get the gold beading done they will be more visible. I also added rhinestone chain to the middle back as it looked awfully empty without.

An update on the resources: the sequins arrived in Tuesday and the beads arrived today. Those hot pink beads? They are not matching the sequins and fabric. Lucky for me, the supposedly purple beads are a perfect match, so I’m going to use those. I also realized that I needed more gold bugle beads and purple bugle beads then I expected, if I want to make the fringe too. I ordered those today but expect that it will take another 5 days before they arrive.

Tomorrows post is all about the paisley front closure that isn’t pictured in the above update.


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